The Nats are in the World Series!

Skip the traffic, avoid the crowds and worry of Metro, and take the scenic route to your next event at Diamond Teague. Potomac River Company offers services to Washington Nationals baseball games and concerts at Nationals Park, and D.C. United soccer games at Audi field. No worries if the game runs long, we stay until the end no matter how late.



Diamond Teague


Approximate Total time

40 minutes

Diamond Teague to Alexandria and National Harbor Water Taxi Map

Departure Locations

Diamond Teague   View on map
100 Potomac Ave SE, Washington, DC
Located next to Nationals Park
15 minute walk to Audi Field

Alexandria City Marina   View on map
0 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA
Located behind the Torpedo Factory Art Center



Standard Game One-way: $21
Standard Game Roundtrip: $26

Premium Game One-way: $26
Premium Game Roundtrip: $33

*Website pricing is discounted. Prices increase by $1 when purchased at our ticket kiosks.


Game Time
Thur, 4/2Mets *11:30 AM1:05 PM
Sat, 4/4Mets *2:30 PM4:05 PM
Sun 4/5Mets *Noon1:35 PM
Mon 4/6 Marlins6:00 PM7:005 PM
Tue 4/7Merlins6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed 4/8Marlins 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Thur 4/16Cubs6:00 PM7:05 PM
Fri, 4/17Cubs *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 4/18Cubs * 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Sun, 4/19Cubs * 12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue, 4/21Dodgers6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 4/22Dodgers6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thu, 4/23DodgersNoon1:05 PM
Fri, 5/1Red *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 5/2Red *Noon 1:05 PM
Sun, 5/3Red *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue 5/5 D-Backs6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 5/6D-Backs 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thu, 5/7D-Backs Noon 1:05 PM
Tue, 5/19Marlins 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 5/20Marlins 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Fri, 5/22Marlins *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 5/23Marlins *3:00 PM4:05 PM
Sun, 5/24Marlins * 12:30 PM1:35 PM
Mon, 5/25MarlinsNoon 1:05 PM
Mon 6/1Brewers6:00 PM7:05 PM
Tue, 6/2Brewers 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 6/3Brewers 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Thur, 6/4Mets * 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Fri, 6/5Mets * 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 6/6Mets *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sun, 6/7Mets * 12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue, 6/16Giants 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 6/17Giants 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thu, 6/18Giants 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Fri, 6/19Braves *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 6/20Braves *3:00 PM4:05 PM
Sun, 6/21Braves *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Mon, 6/22Pirates6:00 PM7:05 PM
Tues 6/23Pirates 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 6/24Pirate 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thur, 6/25Pirate 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Fri, 7/3Astros *5:00 PM6:05 PM
Sat, 7/4Astros *10:00 AM11:05 AM
Sun, 7/5Astros *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue, 7/7Cardinals6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 7/8Cardinals 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thu, 7/9Cardinals 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Fri, 7/10Phillies * 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 7/11Phillies *6:00 PM7:15 PM
Sun, 7/12Phillies *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Fri, 7/24Braves *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 7/25Braves *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sun, 7/26Braves *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Mon, 7/27Rockies6:00 PM7:05 PM
Tue, 7/28Rockies 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 7/29Rockies11:00 AM12:05 PM
Mon, 8/10Athletics 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Tues, 8/11Athletics 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 8/12Athletics6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thur 8/13Padres 4:00 PM5:05 PM
Fri, 8/14Padres *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 8/15Padres *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sun, 8/16Padres *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue, 8/25Mets *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 8/26Mets *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thur, 8/27 Mets *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Fri, 8/28Phillies *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 8/29Phillies *3:00 PM4:05 PM
Sun, 8/30Phillies *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Tue, 9/1Braves 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 9/2Braves6:00 PM7:05 PM
Thu, 9/3Braves 3:00 PM4:05 PM
Tue, 9/15Orioles6:00 PM7:05 PM
Wed, 9/16Orioles 6:00 PM7:05 PM
Fri, 9/18Marlins *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 9/19Marlins *3:00 PM4:05 PM
Sun, 9/20Marlins *12:30 PM1:35 PM
Fri, 9/25Phillies *6:00 PM7:05 PM
Sat, 9/26 Phillies *Noon1:05 PM
Sun, 9/27Phillies *2:00 PM3:05 PM
The baseball boat departs from the dock 20 minutes after the last pitch.

DateDeparture TimeGame Time
Waiting on Playoff dates!Go DC United!

The Soccer Boat departs from the dock 30 minutes after the match.

The Baseball Soccer Boat

The baseball boat departs from the dock 20 minutes after the last pitch, and the soccer boat departs from the dock 30 minutes after the game ends. Due to limited seating on the boat, one-way tickets after the game, departing from Diamond Teague and heading back to Alexandria/National Harbor, are available on a case by case basis.

Reservations may be made online or at the ticket booth based on availability. Advance purchases are recommended. For more info, please call 877-511-2628.

The Baseball Boat and Soccer Boat cruise tickets do not include admission into the game. For more game and general information, please visit the Washington Nationals or D.C. United website.